Entry Title: "Seeing / Insights + Images"
Name: Charlie Lemay , United States
Category and Expertise: Book, Professional

Entry Description: Bodies, trees, antique cars... the're all just atoms in the light. We can make whatever we imagine from them, and innthe process learn all about the being we are, who notices what we notice. This book matches black and white photographs I have made with statements I have said regarding insights I have experienced. The photographs can be a resting place between the insights, or a visual that expands upon the words in a way that words alone can not do. Photographer Connie Imboden wrote the foreword, and David Bayles,co-author of "Art and Fear" wrote a back cover blurb. This book has won two finalist medals in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, for Overall Design and Motivational categories.

About the Artist: