Entry Title: "Bird Face"
Name: Alexandra Cearns , Australia
Category and Expertise: Special, Professional

Entry Description: One of the subjects I love to work with is birds. They are quirky, colourful, beautiful and full of personality. I always aim to capture shots of their sweet faces filling most of my frame, as these really convey their character and show their sentient nature – the cheeky glints in their eyes and the range of colours and details in their plumage are best seen up close. Birds are very smart. They can learn tricks and mimic sounds and behaviours. They all have their own little senses of humour and get such joy out of simple things like their favourite fruit, a select toy, or playing a special game with their beloved human. I compiled a collection of my favourite bird images to show that these beloved feathered friends each have a personality of their own.

About the Artist:

Alex Cearns is one of Australia's most awarded and widely published pet, animal and wildlife portrait photographers. Her thriving business Houndstooth Studio is a leader in the specialised niche market of premium domestic and commercial pet and animal photography. Alex’s remarkable images, her natural animal handling skills and her substantial contribution to improving the lives of rescued animals and endangered wildlife has earned her renown as one of Australia’s most influential and trusted animal photographers. Alex was recently appointed as Tamron Australia’s Super Performance Series Ambassador to represent their new range of professional lenses. She is an ambassador for the RSPCA Western Australia, and she is World Expedition’s first female wildlife photography tour leader to some of the world’s most exciting, ‘off the beaten track’ animal destinations. Alex is also a dynamic and inspirational keynote speaker and photographic educator. She uses warmth, humour and uplifting visual storytelling to highlight the essence of joy in animals.