Photographerkirstin schmitt
Prize1st Place in Event / Social Cause

_________SYNOPSIS Havana, March 2016, in a shared collective taxi: Carlos, a random passenger is concerned: "Everyday more and more of your people are in the streets!" - "How do you call someone who is neither woman nor man?" His wife Rosa is clueless too: "Transvestite, Transsexual, transgender, queer, non binary, pan gender, third sex?!" - "I am! That's all! No theory! No sciences! No discourses! No label! Case closed!" responds Reinier and keeps painting his red lips. - "Oye, tremendo arroz con mango!"* replies Carlos, "where this supposed to end? What the hell are you?" - "The new man!"** Reinier laughs loud while he is fixing his wig: "Viva la revolución, compañeros!" he replies, jumps out of the car and gets lost in the crowd... - The series ARROZ CON MANGO–THE NEW MEN portrays Cubans without labels in their everyday life. (NOTES * The Cuban slang “rice with mango” is a typical expression for a sticky situation, something scandalous or a big mess ** Ambiguous allusion to the central aim of the socialist revolution: The creation of THE NEW MEN) _________BACKGROUD / CONTEXT of the serie The personal and social dealing with gender and sexuality are key-indicators for the status quo of a society, its progress and its openness. Although people from the LGBT-community are no longer send into reeducation camps like years ago, but they are still suffering discrimination. The emerging community ensures different opinions: Mariela Castro, daughter of the Cuban President Raul Castro, is a vigorous advocate for LGBT-rights. Since then each day more and more people have the courage to confess themselves and take their place in society. But many citizens are still feeling caution or hostility. _________KEYFACTS long term project since deciember 2016 / La Habana / the series emergred of the series WAITING FOR THE CANDYMEN

About Photographer

documentary filmmaker and cinematographer, photographer / Lives and works since 2006 between Berlin and Havana ________AWARDS (selecion) 2017 * KOLGA PHOTO AWARD, shortlisted at 3 categories /Tbilisi History Museum / GEORGIA 2016 * 1st place, IPA 2016 Professional, Event : Social Cause * Winner, LAF5-Latin American Fotografía 5, NY, USA 20 * 1st prize SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHER AWARD professional category ART/candid, UK __________________EXHIBITIONS / FESTIVALS / ART FAIRS 2017 * KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO week, May 2017, GEORGIA * F22, presented by the UNIAC-Unión de escritores y artistas de Cuba, La Habana, CUBA 2016 * BRUSSELS EXPO. Palais 4, BELGIUM * PALAZZO TRIGONA, Enna, ITALY * SONY SQUARE, New York, USA * EUROVEA, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA * Showcase, 5th SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2016, Singapore 1st October - 12th November * PhotoKina, Cologne, GERMANY * SPAZIO TADINI, Milano, ITALY * TONNARA DE MARZAMEMI, Sicily, ITALY * Alliance française, La Habana, CUBA * WIILLY BRANDT HAUS Berlin, GERMANY * U SPACE, Beijing, CHINA * SOMERSET HOUSE, London, UK * SOCIEDAD DANTE ALIGHIERI, La Habana, CUBA 2015 * Galería "Julio Larramendi", La Habana, CUBA * FIAU-Festival de Arte Urbana Havana, CUBA * durring the 12. Bienal de La Habana, presented by Fundación Caguayo, CUBA * Art Basel Miami - Scop art show, USA 2014 * Art Basel Miami - Scop art show, USA 2013 * New Talent Biennale Colonge, GERMANY