I Forgot

PhotographerChristine Szczepaniak
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I created this series to convey universal human feelings: rejection, embarrassment, and numbness, all three being completely overwhelming. These emotions can creep up unexpectedly, and sorting through them can be a great challenge, though important to do. Seeing a visual that is relatable can often trigger deeper investigation for oneself and inspire further thought, which I hope to achieve for others using my series, I Forgot.


Personally, I have experienced embarrassment, rejection, and numbness in a very lasting way. In processing them, I found myself creating photo concepts using visual metaphors to express these emotions such as a slap, tomatoes, and a color-neutralized environment and clothing to match in order to convey each. I want so desperately to move on from the particular instances in which I know I have felt the named emotions worst, but still understand that these feelings will be felt again in my lifetime and I can trust I will be able to move onwards. Finalization and closure comes with lots of work and processing, and this photo series undoubtedly allowed me to move one step closer toward the end goal of acceptance.