Amazing Grace

CompanyKyprisAthina Pictures
PhotographerRebecca Forster
Prize2nd Place in Deeper Perspective / Deeper Perspective
Entry Description

The subjects most prominent in my work have always been prejudices and role expectations. That’s why in 2013 this photo shoot became the beginning of a project: I wanted to realize a photo series inspired by Hitchcock’s movies with Grace Kelly, using low-key-techniques to create a dark and dangerous atmosphere full of tension. The model, who first came to my mind as the perfect cast, was Rabea. I only hesitated one moment, wondering if a dark-skinned “Grace Kelly” would confuse my audience, but immediately realized that this was exactly what I wanted to do: Change often starts with little things. The danger depicted in this story does not come from imminent crime through murder, but from the violence which words and looks can commit, even if not intended. In the following years I would often photograph dark-skinned models in typical white people’s roles, because, after all: Does it really matter?

About Photographer

Rebecca Forster, born 1986, is an autodidactic freelance photographer, focused on fine art, storytelling and conceptual work. One of her key motifs is identity under the shadow of prejudice and role expectation. Inspiration she finds through personal experiences, travelling, paintings, mythology, literature, movies and her studies in philosophy and classical languages.