Entry Title: "Beelitz Sanatorium Documentary"
Name: Mario Basner , United States
Category and Expertise: Architecture, Professional

Entry Description: This series is a comprehensive image collection of the abandoned Beelitz Heilst├Ątten Sanatorium in Germany. All photographs are intended for fine art prints 40x60" and larger to create a sense of realism and allow for an engaging exploration. Full release is slated for Fall 2016. The images show the final state of decay before the buildings underwent a re-utilization and remodel process shortly after the images were taken. The main objective of the photographs is to show the grandeur of the 18th century architecture and the beauty that remains in the structures, despite the decay. The buildings display an fascinating parallel to aging & decay and how it relates to human beings. While shooting, I found myself overwhelmed and humbled by the sights, what they represented and how applicable those things were to my own existence.

About the Artist:

Mario Basner grew up in Hamburg, Germany and has always been a creative force. While fate led him towards a successful career in music first, photography has always been there and served as a creative outlet for most of his adult life. He owned & operated a custom darkroom business in Hollywood, before moving to Las Vegas in 2006. In 2013 he decided to dedicate all his time to photography and formed his company, which offered commercial, portrait and fashion work, as well as newborn photography through a sister company named "Bundles Of Love". Since then, his passion for contemporary art has inspired him to follow his heart and resulted in the pursuit & capture of the Beelitz Series - his debut project in the fine art domain. The Series is the start of an ongoing creation process for his "World Heritage Collection".