Life of Silence

PhotographerYuki Hamanaka
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKyoto, Japan
Entry Description

This work was created with an awareness of the strength, prettiness, and fragility that can be seen in geometric shapes expressed by trees, the flow from budding to withering, the beauty of revolving life as felt from my own point of view, and the expression of harmony. Through photos, I created it to communicate the infinite variety of the shapes of living trees, which are static life forms.

About Photographer

1978Born in Kyoto of Japan 2009Attended courses at Photographic Expression College 2012Exhibition Plants Aspect (Port Gallery T/Osaka,Japan) 2014Exhibition Life of Silence (galleryMain/Kyoto,Japan) 2015Exhibition Life of Silence (Shin puh kan/Kyoto,Japan) Canon | New Cosmos of Photography 2012 -Excellence Award Winner PX3 2014 - Silver Winner - Flowers Category PX3 2014 - Bronze Winner - Seasons Category PX3 2014 - Silver Winner - Trees Category PX3 2015 - Gold Winner(People Choice) - Flowers Category PX3 2015 - Honorable Mention - Category