Entry Title: "Max Gazzè"
Name: Barbara Oizmud , Italy
Category and Expertise: Advertising, Professional

Entry Description: Max Gazzè is an italian singer, bass guitarist and songwriter. Technical Information: Photo taken in studio. 3D stage design of stage sets, room layouts and floor plans.

About the Artist:

•Barbara Oizmud was born in Pescara in 1977. •From 2003 to 2006 she worked as cartoonist collaborating on projects with Rai . •Since 2006 she works as a professional photographer, following in some cases also the artistic direction. •Among the celebrities portraited in her shots there are: •Roberto Bolle,Subsonica,Max Gazze, Camille Lacourt, Nanni Moretti, , Joaquin Cortes, Nolan Bushnell. •Barbara works for magazines like Wired, Vanity Fair, GQ Spain, F Magazine, Cover Up (UK), Shift Magazine (Japan),Topolino. •She also realized photographic campaigns for clients like Red Bull, Fox, Sky,Discovery, Fremantle Media, Universal,RomaEuropa festival. •In 2015 during the Public Art Festival Art-On in Cascina (Tuscany), she created a photographic work on a wall (8 meters high and 9 meters wide). •Barbara Oizmud shown her photos at the Macro Museum of Rome and at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome