PhotographerAlex Beldea
Entry Description

According to the UN, 50% of the Syrian refugees are children. Together with their families, they fled war or social instability and found shelter in safer countries. Part of the refugees, slightly more than 10%, fled to Europe. This idealistic place is supposed to be their new home, a home that comes with both comfort and struggle. Many of these children are waiting for their asylum approval, while learning new languages, going to new schools and embracing a different life. Shadows of what pushed them towards leaving their homes still persist, in contrast with this new chapter of their life which they have not chosen. Built up in Salzburg, Austria, the project represents a photographic immersion into the regrettable events that these children have experienced, but also an acknowledgement of the ordinary life that they had before any social or political crisis. *Asma is an Arabic name for girls that can mean ‘prestige’

About Photographer

Documentary Photographer based in Huddersfield, United Kingdom. Awards: APHE Photomeet Bursary 2015 Winner; IPA 2014 Honorable Mention