Entry Title: "Mallakhamb"
Name: Lucas Dragone , Belgium
Category and Expertise: Sports;Editorial, Professional

Entry Description: Mallakhamb a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs feats and poses on a vertical wooden pole or rope. In India mallakhamb is considered as a sport, it is not a form of circus or dance. It is related to wrestling and bodybuilding, it can look like the pole became the opponent for the wrestler.Mallakhamb is facing the risk of extinction. Mallakhamb is an important element of India's sporting heritage which needs to be preserved.

About the Artist:

Lucas Dragone is a visual artist specializing in photography and videography. His work is distinguished by his clear-eyed and innocent portrayal of people and events.   Born in Belgium to parents with a strong sense of cultural and social commitment, he spends his childhood steeped in an environment that explored the most varied forms of creativity, in line with a particularly difficult local situation. He studied at the Lassaad international school of theater and worked with the Compagnie Barbiana in Belgium; performing directing and teaching. He also explored theater in Italy and Brazil. After a few years he decided to switch from theater to visual-arts and music as a means to express his creativity. He became Looka Loopa making music videos, documentaries, short films and visual experiments, all inspired by his sincere outlook on life. Giving as much importance to the people and situations filmed as to the style.    In the past few years, he initiated a project of documenting and capturing various forms of theaters from Asia and around the World through his camera. By doing this, Looka hopes to contribute to the documentation of theatre forms, to try and depict the transmission of this cultural patrimony to the next generations by witnessing and photographing the work of Masters, the craftsmanship of the Creators, enter the world of Actors, Artists and Director from preparation to the performance. In parallel with his photographic works, Looka is also directing film documentaries around the world. His first film Documentary Black Box is the result of 5 years following the creation process of The House of Dancing Water, a show directed in Macau (China) by Franco Dragone. Far from being a "making of", It is a journey through time, exploring the minds, the moods, the sensations,... of the artists involved in the project. His second film documentary is about I Made Djimat, a very well-known figure in the world of theatre who is coming from a small village in Bali. I Made Djimat had a major influence on some of the most important directors in the 20th century. ( End 2016 ) Currently, he is working on a new documentary, a Portrait of Hussein Rassim a talented 27 years old Oud Player from Iraq refugee in Belgium Since 2015. ( End 2017 )