Symbiosis of working and living

PhotographerAlina Fedorenko
Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Environmental
Entry Description

Disappearing identity Everytime I passing your world I stop and stare, I wish I could be a part of it at least for a second, to be involved, to feel the differences and to understand! I wish I could speak to you, I wish I could share a minute with you, I wish I could understand you, I wish I could tell you how excited I am to meet you! There is this door or window between you and me, it seams to be insuperable! Please let me in, I whisper soundless on the other side, what will you think? What if you don't understand or even worst missunderstand me? I don't wanna be respectless or give you a strange feeling! I take a deep breath, one more I feel paralysed... I close my eyes and open the door. The only thing I have is one or two seconds

About Photographer

I was born in1985 in the historic city of Lviv, Ukraine, and grew up in Berlin, Germany. I studied Fashion Design in London. After a few years in London I returned to Germany and changed focus. I reinvented myself and ultimately re-started from scratch my Studies, and quickly found a way to Photography. On my first trip to India I discovered my love and passion for photography. India inspired my work from the first moment and still shapes my work supplementary. My work is the result of the expirience of my travels to many different countries. Each one of those places and people has contributed to define me as an artist and person. This expirences changed my hole view of life, it influented my photography from the first try and expirence. My photography is very bright and rich of colors, it is mostly about the people who has less in life. Most of my work concentrate on daily moments, situations which life creates, I try not to interfered with my presence in the moments i come along in the daily life of people. What makes my work special and distinguish me from other photographers is the fact that I´m a single Mother travelling and working together with my small child (2,5 years old). My child is involved in the hole process and also gives me a total new perspective of the people we come across and a different way to interact with the people. I try to work as a freelancer and constantly on my photography projects. I never had the chance to finish my BA of Photography because of my pregancy, but will gain it some day, in the meanwhile I shape myself as a photographer.