Symbiosis of working and living

PhotographerAlina Fedorenko
Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Environmental
Entry Description

Disappearing identity Everytime I passing your world I stop and stare, I wish I could be a part of it at least for a second, to be involved, to feel the differences and to understand! I wish I could speak to you, I wish I could share a minute with you, I wish I could understand you, I wish I could tell you how excited I am to meet you! There is this door or window between you and me, it seams to be insuperable! Please let me in, I whisper soundless on the other side, what will you think? What if you don't understand or even worst missunderstand me? I don't wanna be respectless or give you a strange feeling! I take a deep breath, one more I feel paralysed... I close my eyes and open the door. The only thing I have is one or two seconds

About Photographer

- Photography at BTK Berlin - Communication design at BTK Berlin in progress