The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds

PhotographerDeborah Samuel
Prize2nd Place in Book / Nature
Entry Description

Deborah Samuel’s photographs in The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds are as surprising as they are exquisite. From nest to egg to feather, these images are an exercise in seeing and a showcase of what photography can reveal: the impossibly soft feathers of ospreys; the iridescence of a bird-of-paradise; the curved, needle-like beak of a common scimitarbill; and the psychedelic hues of the aptly named resplendent quetzal. Samuel also photographs the nests and eggs of birds, showing us examples of incredible artistry and simple, natural perfection.

About Photographer

Deborah Samuel is Canadian photographer currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her photographs reside in many public, corporate and private collections and her work has been widely exhibited internationally. After working extensively as a commercial artist and winning numerous awards, she now focuses exclusively on fine art projects.