My Hair, My Soul

Prize1st Place in People / Culture
CompanySandro Productions
City/CountryChicago, United States
Photo Date2016
Technical Infodigital photograph
Entry Description

This project, “My Hair, My Soul” is a future book. I’m moved as a Caucasian man by the beauty, the power the individualism and the message that is in a black hairstyle. Blacks forever have struggled with their hair, little girls tormented, woman embarrassed and belittled. A billion dollar hair product industry that has flourished because of the Black women’s fear of her hair not being pretty enough, soft enough, straight enough. Today I see these fears perishing as black woman are embracing their hair whether it natural or added on. I see these women standing tall, confident, delivering the message “I am a woman’ I am black, I am proud and I LOVE my hair. The use of light, makeup and postproduction to eliminate color tones of skin equalizes colors of the black skins and highlights the beautiful hairdos of the modern black woman.