Entry Title: "2016 Wheelchair Softball World Series Portraits"
Name: Rob Gregory , United States
Category and Expertise: Sports, Professional

Entry Description: This series of portraits captures the athletes competing at the 2016 Wheelchair Softball World Series Tournament. The community culture and the fact that this sport is played on blacktop, give it a very urban, streetball feel. My goal was to capture that atmosphere in these images.

About the Artist:

Rob is an award-winning, commercial advertising photographer specializing in athletes, portraiture and conceptual work. His work has been featured in Luerzer's Archive Magazine, Creative Quarterly, Digital Photo Magazine and on major blogs like Adland. He was awarded Best New Talent in the 2015 Px3 Paris Photography Prize, Europe's largest and most prestigious photography competition, and Luerzer's Archive has also named him one of the top 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide in their 2015/16 annual.