Canvas Of Self Destruction

CompanyThe Wild Naturalist
PhotographerGhaneshwaran Balachandran
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The first subject that came across my mind about climate change was the massive scale of fossil fuel demand. Our greed and dependency for oil has lead to many consequences such as the release of greenhouse gasses. These gasses are responsible for global weather and temperature change, causing everything else listed on my skin. The space on my skin is not sufficient to hold all the problems arising today, symbolizing the limited time we have to act and resolve this issue. I decided to change my body into a canvas of our self destruction, to spread the awareness that only we can change the way we treat our one and only planet, before its too late.

About Photographer

Ghaneshwaran Balachandran is a natural history visual artist with a passion for wildlife and carnivorous plants. Illustrating extinct genera and painting nature infused abstracts were his artistic ventures before pursuing photography and literature. His approach in visual art is a cocktail of imaginative and aesthetic displays, representing the intimate and dramatic relationship he shares with mother nature. Inspired by the marvels of our natural world, he embarks on a journey to find elusive wildlife and bizarre habitats, with conservation motives. He is also an independent public speaker on environmental issues, promoting his visions to influence a change in the way we see and treat our one and only planet.