The Eye

PhotographerTimo Lieber
Prize1st Place in One-shot:climate Change / Earth
Entry Description

The Greenland ice sheet is not just a stark, frigid wilderness perched at the top of the globe, it is a vast frozen reservoir of fresh water - one that offsets 7 metres of coastal flooding around the planet. In the past two decades, that reservoir has shifted from steady state in balance with its climate, to one in which it is now losing on average 3.8 billion tonnes of ice annually. It was a long-held passion of mine to capture the impact of Arctic warming and translate it into beautiful photographic images, while alerting the wider world to this amazing yet disturbing occurrence in the Arctic. "The Eye" is part of a broader series called THAW which is a collaboration between fine art photography and the scientific work of several leading glaciologists.

About Photographer

UK-based landscape photographer. Current gear includes 5DMarkII + Zeiss lenses.