Living Desert

PhotographerAnthony Lamb
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDubai, United Arab Emirates
Photo Date12th Feb 2017
Technical InfoAll tech info is different
Entry Description

In 5 years of living in Dubai, the heavy rain and atmospheric conditions were some of the best I'd seen. I headed to the desert as I'd been looking to see the dunes in flat light and heavy contrasting skies as a point of difference. I had a number of locations in mind and wanted to capture a series of minimal compositions. The images in the series are timeless in their appearance and show the irony of a desolate landscape and heavy rain on the horizon. Each composition was created to draw the viewer into the picture using simplistic composition and calming tones to create a serene mood. The flat light created soft tone shadows which almost make the desert look more like snow than sand. The title relates to constant movement of sand in the wind, the common presence of foliage in the dunes and the presence of humans.