Porto Seguro-Brice Kapel

PhotographerPatrick Desgraupes
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPelissanne, France
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Art direction:Patrick Desgraupes&AurelienJean Desgraupes Artist Songwriter Brice Kapel wonders in this album about his dual cultural identity. He was born in Togo as his mother, in the village of Porto Seguro, which was in the 19th century one of the major spots of the slave traffic leaving for the Americas. Arriving in France at the age of seven, his musical references consist mainly of English and American rock bands. He sings in his native language songs that speak about dreams of childhood, African legends .In what connects him with his origins, there is always that red soil that haunts his dreams. This series of photographs allows Brice with his body covered with the red soil of his ancestors, to return to the origins of life. In this intimate and moving space where stands present, where it becomes magical and sacred, he reveals us in a forgotten reflection, who we are.

About Photographer

Patrick Desgraupes is a French photographer. He has trained on the job in different Parisian studios and in labs, in which he acquired an understanding of light, one of the strong traits of his current works. He made photographs of portrait, fashion, architecture, nature and still life. His work has been published since 2004 at Editions de la Martinière (his book on the National Parks of France gets the second place at the National Tourism Award in 2010 in Paris), in numerous magazines and brochures. He has become a recognized landscape specialist in the 4x5 inches large format camera, and his work has been published in the USA and in seven European countries. He has made numerous exhibitions in Iceland, Belgium, France for the National Parks of France and the Ministry of Ecology, in Slovenia, on the island of Reunion and in Guadeloupe. His photographs testify to his passion for light. He currently lives and works in France. He is a member of Icone Studio in Paris.