Mekong River

PhotographerYANG DA
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWUHAN, China
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

The Mekong River flowing southward thought six countries, nurtures people of different nations and religions throughout history. Standing in awe of the Mekong, I started my exploration of this great river, which covered 44 cities and villages of 6 countries. The estimated length of the Mekong is 4,908 kilometers. I started my 6,370 kilometers long trip from exploring the relationship among cities and towns, economy, population and land. The color of the Mekong changes in different seasons, which is another illustration of the relationships among people, and that between people and land. During my trip, I was addicted to diversified cultures and various independent while interdependent social formations. Time and time again, I went back to a country or city, eating in the same restaurant, waking on the same street, and visiting the same people. Everything looked so familiar and beautiful to me.