Vadret da Morteratsch
PhotographerBenjamin Klormann
Prize2nd Place in Nature / Other_N
Entry Description

The Vadret da Morteratsch or the Morteratsch glacier is a significant glacier in the Berninagruppe in Oberengadin, Switzerland. The glacier disappears as a result of global warming. Since the beginning of the measurements in 1878 he went back around 2649 meters. There were only 5 periods in which an increase was observed, most recently in the period 2003-2004 by 10.3 meters. In the last period 2014-2015 a decrease of 163.9 meters was measured. Soon this beautiful place will not be more like I photographed it.

About Photographer

„It’s not about snapping or shooting a picture. It’s about the capture of a moment, just a split of a second, which is unique, and will not appear again.“ Benjamin Klormann, born 1987, is a self taught photographer from Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by nature and his link to science, his work mainly focuses on outdoors and adventures and his passion takes him to remote places around the world. In 2016 he became a Phase One ambassador.