The Pool

PhotographerRafal R. Nebelski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWarsaw, Poland
Photo Date07.2016
Entry Description

These series of pictures is my personal project "The Pool". All parts of the project was captured in one place on Madeira - rather crowded hotel on the south of this Portugal island. I was really fascinated by the colors, shapes and mood of this place. The idea behind „The Pool” was to show the hotel, which is full of people during a summer season, as an empty and nostalgic place. To achieve this task I have to use very long exposures with a little help of ND filters.

About Photographer

I am photographer and co-owner of a design studio called Foxrabbit Designers based in Warsaw Poland I manage the creative team at Foxrabbit on various projects – from designing materials for printing purposes, such as books, newspapers, albums, packaging – to creating signage of big shopping centers as well as UI/UX and various web projects. As a photographer, I am freelancer specializing in architecture, land and cityscape, product photography and reportage. I especially love to photograph my home town Warsaw and its suburbia. I’m also a graduate of Akademia Fotografii – a Warsaw photography school. It is very important for me to take on technical challenges in anything I do, including photography. I like to use the long-exposure technique for my images, love to experiment, wait for the perfect light and capture everything I want at the very best moment. I strive to see outside the borders, pushing my own boundaries – to do photography my way. I’m looking forward to be engaging in commissions for the mentioned above fields of photography and any fields of design with my creative team at Foxrabbit Designers. Other than taking pictures, I enjoy mountain biking and ice skating in the wintertime.