Return to Nowhere lands

PhotographerSantiago Pascual Buyé
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVigo, Spain
Technical InfoPanning Photography
Entry Description

am a Spanish photographer born in Valencia in 1967, but currently I live in Vigo, a small Galician town by the Atlantic. It is in fact, this ocean one of the main protagonists of my photography, where its wild spirit, its light and colours are always present. This facet as an Atlantic nature photographer is complemented with studio photography and another more artistic. Since I was young I always love photography and art in general. I spent so many hours developing those old film rolls in the photo lab. After my time in the Faculty of Fine Arts, I focused more on painting and put aside this hobby. It was not until these last years that I’ve resume this passion, but this time, with that critical view of the experience. Now I can say that I take photography as a serious fondness, considering myself an eternal apprentice.