Jay Leno

PhotographerEthan Pines
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyEthan Pines Photography
City/CountryVenice, United States
Photo Date1/29/16
Technical InfoHasselblad H5D50
Entry Description

Outtake from a Forbes shoot: A portrait of Jay Leno in his 1957 Corvette convertible. Photographed at his massive car warehouses in Burbank, CA.

About Photographer

Ethan Pines is an award-winning photographer who grew up on a small ranch in Los Angeles, headed east for college (U. Penn) and graduate school (Columbia), then returned to Los Angeles to pursue his calling. He is a master at crafting light, composing images, staging stories and creating visual drama. He has photographed ad campaigns for Universal Studios, Casio, Chambord, HomeAway and others, and his work has appeared repeatedly in Wired, The New York Times, Los Angeles magazine, Angeleno and The Wall Street Journal, and. His images have been honored by the Communication Arts Photo Annual, the American Photography Annual, the International Photography Awards and American Photo’s Images of the Year. He is also an Eagle Scout and a Nitrox-certified scuba diver. More at www.ethanpines.com.