Father & Son

PhotographerOliver Wand
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date10.03.2017
Entry Description

Although I did grew up with my father, I didn’t at the same time. He didn’t really care about my education and therefore never became the role model I hoped him to be in my life. The „Father & Son“ series is my personal approach coming to terms with a very difficult part of my life.

About Photographer

Born 1973 close to Dortmund. In youth I moved to Cologne, since 2011 I live and work in Berlin. As a long-time musician photography for me is a different way to express my creativity combined with the emotions that photos eradiate. Due to my music I was able to tour the world (Europe, USA, Russia, Afghanistan) and had the pleasure of working with well-known german artists such as Tino Oac (Söhne Mannheims) or Robin Grubert (Keri Hilson, Sasha, and many more).