Savana King

PhotographerThomas Vijayan
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOnterio, Canada
Photo Date17 Sep 2016
Entry Description

While we were driving through the plains of Masai Mara where the Notch Brothers ruling, my guide suddenly spotted the King lying down in the misty grass. It was almost around the sunrise time and we assumed he would wake up soon. After a couple of minutes waiting he woke from his sleep and looked around shook his head and slowly got up and yawned. Then he spotted our vehicle and and as if he read our mind slowly walked towards us giving a straight head on. I positioned myself almost equal to the ground level to show how huge this giant handsome is. The ambience of the picture and how the subject was showed out in the picture made me think that this photo should be casted as black and white.