Ballet- Seasons

PhotographerDave Koch
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySLC, United States
Photo DateVarious 2015-2017
Technical InfoVarious
Entry Description

A study of seasons of the ballet. The grace of the ballerina is juxtaposed with the beauty of nature.

About Photographer

"I have always regarded my photography as “distilled moments” because of photography’s permanent recording of many transient qualities. My experience is that when we remember a place, time or event, we do not remember the literal, we remember the best from that situation. Recall a favorite sunset; you do not recall the exact moment the sun hit the horizon. Rather, your mind combines the best clouds, the least wind, and the most flamboyant sky: the idealized sunset. My interpretation of a scene is similar; I focus on the best and distill a timeline into the moment. Idealizing the beauty around us is my attempt to represent the perfection of life around us. To witness such a moment is too rare and fleeting, and should preserved and shared, because beauty is love manifest. It is my goal to make people happy, and to share joy and beauty I encounter. To take people away from their everyday stress and strife, and show them not just an idealized vision, but a real look into the magic and the beauty of our world.”