The Artless Dodger

PhotographerThomas Vijayan
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOnterio, Canada
Photo Date28 Apr 2015
Entry Description

Tiger is one of my most favorite animal to be photographed. I go all the way from Canada to Indian forests to capture this majestic beauty. Ranthambhore is another national park in India which I often visit. Filled with majestic tigers. The local people and officials are trying to protect the tigers in whatever way they can and now the tiger population is increasing in a large scale. This particular sub adult tiger was in a hunting mood and we knew that it never hunted alone before. In split of a second he targeted a small spotted deer and chased and got hold. It was the very first kill made by this male sub adult tiger and due to the lack of experience the tiger struggled a lot to kill the deer.