Candlelight Revolution

CompanyKONG Media
PhotographerJung Hanjo
Prize3rd Place in Event / Social Cause
Entry Description

There was a demonstration demanding the resignation of the corrupt President in the end of 2016 in Korea. Despite a mass protest because more than 20 million people participated, they did a peaceful demonstration holding a candlelight, the symbol to break the darkness. No injured or detained person occurred although people of all ages participated in the demonstration. Korean people are trying to recommend this unprecedented demonstration in history as candidate for 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Through this demonstration named as Candlelight Revolution, Korea achieved a peaceful turnover of political power.


On Nov. and Dec. 2016, there was a demonstration demanding the resignation of the incompetent and corrupt President Park Geun-Hye in Korea. Held every Saturday evening, this demonstration was a mass protest with over 20 million participants for over two months. Nevertheless, it was a peaceful demonstration, unprecedented in modern history of the world as well as Korea. The protests that happened before in Korea were marked by the police’s violent crackdowns and demonstrators’ violent resistance. But, this time, they staged a peaceful protest holding a candlelight, the symbol to break the darkness. When there occurred an element of violence, the demonstrators restrained it. The demonstrators put a flower sticker on the buses that blocked the way rather than throwing stones and the police did minimum control on them for their safety. In the past, college students and workers participated in such protest, but this time, from newborn baby, young children, teenagers, to adults all participated. Especially they participated with their children in family unit the most. In addition, the demonstration was like a ‘political festival’ with dancing and singing rather than ‘political resistance.’ Even politicians were at a loss. Media from all over the world and people all around the world praised this via SNS and even there were tourists who came to see the candlelight protest. ‘The demonstration was peaceful all the way and like a festival. (New York Times)’ ‘Unprecedented demonstration that can be recorded in history of democracy (Asialyst)’ ‘Even a young couple pushing a baby carriage participated / Different from the protests in the past that developed into violence (Reuter’s News Agency)’ ‘The issue was serious, but they enjoyed music often in the middle of the rally (CNN)’ ‘Korean people opened a new chapter for rally by leading the demonstration like a peaceful festival (New China News Agency)’ As a result, no injured or detained person was found although it was a mass protest. And as Korean people are now trying to recommend this as candidate for 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, they might give another surprise gift for people around the world. Now President Park Geun-Hye was impeached by this demonstration named as ‘Candlelight Revolution’ and finally she was deprived of the presidency. And Moon Jae-In took office as new president of Korea after achieving a peaceful turnover of political power. Again, Korea is working hard to make Korea move towards the world.

About Photographer

He is a Korean photographer and photo critic. He majored in fine art photography in Hongik University, Korea and got a doctor’s degree in Art Plastic. He is the first doctor in photography in Korea and now teaching students in universities while working as photographer and photo critic. Furthermore, he has published many books and photo albums, for example <Photo – Theory and Practice>, <A Guide to Photo Viewing>, and <Seoul by Night>.