CompanyFreelance Photographer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve (Norway) Inga has 26 years old, she is Sami from Karaskoj. Her family is from Kautokenho, Sami cultural capital,Inga is very woried about protect Sami culture.

About Photographer

I live and work in Madrid (Spain). I studied Art Education at the Complutense University and Art Photography at the School of Arts and Design, both in Madrid. During recent years my work has been displayed in ARCO Madrid – Art Libris (Spain), FELIFA – Author Book Fair – Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lisbon´s Photobook Fair – Arquivo Municipal Lisboa (Portugal), Festival PhotoIreland Canon Open Programme (Ireland), Encontros da image-Photobook Market Braga (Portugal), Photo Biennial- Brighton Jubilee Library (England), FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai - Collective Bind Library (India) and Livros Possíveis - Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). I have had solo exhibitions at the College of Spain in Paris (2016), the Biennial of Photography of Tenerife (2015) and the Goethe-Institut in Dublin (2014). I self-published photobooks: Moscow White Dreams, China in Progress and El Viaje. My photographs have been published in, OjodePez photography magazine, ARA newspaper, The Eye of Photography, Europa Press, Ah Magazine and ABC ARCO. I have given workshops about The Photographic Project: Creation and Broadcasting at the Nadir Gallery (Madrid) and Through the Light: lithophanes and other optical games during Romanticism at the Romanticism Museum (Madrid).