Muralla Roja

PhotographerAndrés Gallardo Albajar
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlicante, Spain
Photo Date21/12/2016
Technical InfoNikon D800
Entry Description

Muralla Roja, by Ricardo Bofill, is certainly a paradise for photographers. Located in Calpe, Spain, the complex makes clear references to the Arab Mediterranean culture. It emerges like a fortress from the cliffs it stands on, very close to the sea. Something that makes it stand out is definitely the colorful treatment. Seen from the outside, different hues of red are the most predominant. But once you access the inside, you enter a labyrinth of colors such as yellow, purple, white, pink, and different tones of blue, matching with all different skies along the day. It’s actually complicated not to get lost in Muralla Roja. But what a pleasant experience it was.