Jupiter - Versailles Part II

PhotographerMercedes Parodi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAix en Provence, France
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoCanon EOS 5D Mark II
Entry Description

This composite image belongs to Part II of an extensive personal project revolving around the fountains and statues in the gardens of the 'Château de Versailles' in France. Part II can be described as the creation of an extra-dimensional environment composed uniquely of abstractions of water, light and fire and within which the magnificent statues of Versailles are 'mises en scène'. Here, the head and torso of Jupiter, sculpted by Jean-Jacques Clérion (1686-1687), are completed by abstractions of water and light referencing his astounding ability to transform and hopefully communicating some of the essence of this all-powerful God.