Church with Matt Wilhelm

CompanyRob Gregory Photography
PhotographerRob Gregory
Prize1st Place in Special / Other_S
Entry Description

I went to church with professional BMX rider, Matt Wilhelm. The St. Boniface Catholic Church in Chicago shut its doors in 1990. Over the past 27 years it has fallen into disrepair, left open to the elements and vandals. It is a beautiful and unique location and we were fortunate to be granted access to it prior to its planned redevelopment. I really liked the juxtaposition of the church and the graffiti. Having Matt dress in a suit was intended to mirror the church, while the smoke bombs and BMX mirror the rest of the environment.

About Photographer

Rob Gregory is an award-winning commercial sports photographer. His work has been featured in Time Magazine, Graphis, Luerzer's Archive and other prestigious publications. It has also been exhibited in Paris, London, New York and Atlanta. Rob's work focuses on athletes and capturing unique, dramatic moments that embody the spirit of each sport. Classically trained, he spent his first 4 years working with film in the dark room. That's where he developed a love for dramatic lighting and high impact imagery that still influences his work today. From shooting a BMX biker in an abandoned church to levitating wheelchair basketball players, Rob genuinely enjoys solving even the most complex creative challenges. Rob is based in Chicago, but often shoots on location. He is a cancer survivor and enjoys donating his time to cancer and disability related causes.