The Beauty of a Marlboro

PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySandro Productions
City/CountryChicago, United States
Photo DateJuly 2017
Entry Description

Walking the streets on my journeys around the world I would come upon these very distressed Marlboro cigarette packs. At first glance they seemed raw, ugly, and pathetic, but upon closer observation I began to fall in love with the grittiness, age, and destruction of these weathered packs. I began to look at them as faces. Faces of our elders that have seen too much sun, too much time, and too much worry. My shift of thoughts through these observations helped me to begin thinking of them as beautiful portraits. The bright colors of the backgrounds made me think of a younger more vibrant time in life. A time when these packs may have been new and resembled a younger, fresher, and more beautiful person. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder with everything in life, including these weathered Marlboro cigarette packs.