Jing-an Temple(静安寺)

CompanyKONG Media
PhotographerJung Hanjo
Prize3rd Place in Architecture / Historic
Entry Description

Jing-an Temple(静安寺), which is a very old temple built in the 3rd Century A.D., is located in the heart of downtown in Shanghai, China. Now it does not remain intact but is actually more than enough to feel the atmosphere of Buddhism. Jing-an Temple, especially, is very attractive in the arrangement and flow of the columns which support the temple. When I go around the corridor of temple when a light shines on it, I can see the harmony of beautiful shade that the light and columns make. I catch the scene in my picture to take.

About Photographer

He is a Korean photographer and photo critic. He majored in fine art photography in Hongik University, Korea and got a doctor’s degree in Art Plastic. He is the first doctor in photography in Korea and now teaching students in universities while working as photographer and photo critic. Furthermore, he has published many books and photo albums, for example <Photo – Theory and Practice>, <A Guide to Photo Viewing>, and <Seoul by Night>.