The Prostitutes And The Priest

PhotographerChristian Bobst
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryZürich, Switzerland
Photo Date2008-2017
Technical InfoPhotos %& Videos
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Entry Description

„The Prostitutes and the Priest" tells the story women and girls in Namibia, who have to sell their bodies in order to survive, and the priest Father Hermann Klein-Hipass who has made it his personal mission to help them. In the short film Father Herman and the women talk about their lifes and experiences. Sex work is very dangerous in Namibia, the women face a high risk of infecting themselves with HIV and STDs, get beaten up, raped or even killed. Condemned to the lowest rungs of society they are insulted, scoffed and despised and rejected by their own people. Even charity organisations and NGOs consider them to be lost, because many of them are alcoholics and thieves. Father Hermann ist he only one who is helping us“ says Samantha, one of the protagonist in the multimedia story, which combines video interviews and photographs. The pictures were taken between 2008-2017.