A few meters from eternity

PhotographerButtafoghi Antoine
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVincennes, France
Photo DateAvril 2017
Technical Info1/3000s - F/5,6 - 200 Iso
Entry Description

In this immense vastness where nature seems boundless and beauty everywhere present, the spectacle, ceaselessly renewed, confines itself to the sublime. Here, the power of this nature in the raw state speaks to us, intimidates us and every moment offers us sensations of tomorrow of creation of the world. Greenland is a land of contrasts, a country of extremes where the roughness of the climate is perpetually conjugated with the sublime. This series of photographs was made during an artists' residence: "Artists in the Arctic" (A collaborative artistic creation in the heart of the Arctic), aboard a boat (Le Manguier) taken from the ice of the Grand North, in the Bay of Kaasarfik, near the small town of Aasiaat in GROENLAND (68 ° 42'37.2''N - 52 ° 45'50.9''W) in April 2017.