PhotographerCara Louwman
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCara Louwman Photography
City/CountryAmersfoort, Netherlands
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoCollage
Entry Description

I see moods as images. In my mind my own moods are often represented by places or buildings where I have been. I have visualized this way of thinking through a series of photo collages. The complexity (and simplicity) of moods are expressed through the use of different layers of photographs, which were shot by me in different parts of the world. In the photo collages I want the complexity (and simplicity) of moods to present themselves. I want to leave it to the feelings of the viewer what mood they see.

About Photographer

My passion for photography originated in Gurgaon (India) where I have lived for 4 years. Gurgaon was built in a few years time and consists of modern skyscrapers located in an old-fashioned landscape. This contrast inspired me to capture it with my camera. Eventually, this resulted in the publication of a book 'Lines of Gurgaon' and an exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Delhi. Back in The Netherlands, I wanted to develop this new acquired love for photography. So I started to study Photographic design at the University of Applied Photography. July 2017, I have completed my study with an A.