Wizard's chore

PhotographerMarcello Maiorana
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMarcello Mixed Media
City/CountryAvezzano, Italy
Photo DateAugust 2017
Technical InfoDigital compositing
Entry Description

Have you even desired having magical powers? I do; and the first thing that comes into my mind is weekly chores, how neat would it be relaxing and working at the same time? But in reality this is all a dream and that's why I do photo compositing, to make my dreams a bit more real.

About Photographer

Marcello is an hyper imaginative photographer, passionate in creating images and stories. Mostly through digital compositing, Marcello is capable to give form to his ideas and concepts. His imperative is: “Images have to be crafted, not simply taken.” He completed his BFA in photography at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Marcello also studied cinematography and 3D animation in Rome. He also loves, books, music, games, cats, coffee, chocolate and all of the above-mentionated in Lego form.