The blue mirage

PhotographerAieta Joseph
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNice, France
Photo Date25/04/2017
Entry Description

Between sky and sea it is possible to see a mirage. Then it is blue.

About Photographer

Joseph Aieta is a french artist photographer from Nice France. His passion for discovering new places and people brings him all over the globe. He photographs to freeze time or simply to capture a privileged moment of an encounter. He aims to enhance what’s unremarkable and extract textures and substances’ beauty. Paying close attention to the light sculpting the sometimes fleeting and fragile beauty. He is always ready to look at the world with a new eye, looking for beauty and poetry. He likes to exchange and share with passion, he is demanding with himself to obtain what he dreams of. He is not necessarily looking for what’s technically perfect but gives priority to poetry and emotion. He expresses himself both in black and white and colour depending on inspirations and emotions he is wishing to transcribe and share. With this state of mind he uses the most adapted tools to get the precise looks and textures he is looking for, whether it is with an analog medium format, instant film, digital or pinhole.