Fighting for a pittance

PhotographerSandra Hoyn
Prize2nd Place in Editorial / Sports
City/CountryPinneberg, Germany
Photo Date2011
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

Muay Thai (Thai boxing), the national sport of Thailand, is one of the toughest martial arts in the world. For many people, it secures their livelihood, as it is normal that children fight for tourists and locals for betting purposes. A minimum age for the fighters does not exist. For a pittance, they reach their mental and physical limits with boxing matches. Only a few become a professional boxing idol and earn a lot of money. At the age of 25 their career is usually over.

About Photographer

Sandra Hoyn lives as a freelance photojournalist in Hamburg, Germany. She studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, graduating in 2005. She started working for magazines, NGOs and on her personal photo projects, concentrating on social, environmental and human rights issues. She worked in various countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Her work has been published in Die Zeit, Zeit Campus, Chrismon, Der Spiegel, stern, Missio Magazin, NEON, GEO, GEOlino, and The New York Times Lens Blog, among others. Since 2007 she has been represented by laif, agency for photos and reports. In 2015, she received World Press 3rd prize, category nature singles. In 2014, she was selected by LensCulture as one of the Top 50 Emerging Talents. In 2013, she received the Henri Nannen Award. In 2012 she got second place at IPA - International Photography Awards in the category Professional editorial sports. That year she was also awarded three silver medals by the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) for her features. In 2011 and 2007, she received scholarships from VG Bild-Kunst. In 2009, she received the Media Award by Kindernothilfe. More info: