Invisible border

PhotographerAbele Malpiedi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

My goal is knowledge of "self" for a daily ethics. I'm using different tools to realize my ideas, flowing in art, design, photography, music and writing.


We were crossing the south of Ethiopia in a red second hand jeep. In there was the open air cargo bed 2 sq.m., which hold our little world that we had brought with us. My travel complain sat next to me, there, in the middle of our objects, wrapped up for the journey. In the cab, another two of our acquaintances, were driving in turns, rubbing the sweat from their for heads. The heat furtively relaxing and weaking us and the intense light blunning our vision. All around us was nothing but horizon. That emptiness took me to the centre of the universe making me feel everything or nothing. The rhythm of the jeep going over holes rebounded inside me, making me swallow after each bump, relieving me at the same time. Moving ahead seemed slow and difficult without landmarks and every Km someone probably saw us disappear into the distance. In front of us, blurred shapes evaporated on the asphalt that melted in stretches and in parts wasn’t there anymore. Or maybe they were my ghosts that presented themselves to get even with me. The burning wind carving me from behind going into every cavity, drying up each atom. I could have drawn that wind, as it was so dense. Sometimes, the air rubbed my face changing my aspect, other times it was just a fastidious fiction. I felt I had been fighting with myself, between one extreme and the other, being exiled in invisibile borders, like subtle shades from black to white, in that limbo I was moved.

About Photographer

I took my first steps surrounded by colour, poetry and music. I have always given freedom to my creativity which has led to success through competitions and personal exhibitions. Graduated in Industrial and Enviromental Design, after attending a year at the Academy of Fine Arts, I dabble in different planes. My goal is knowledge of "self" for a daily ethics awareness. I use different tools to realize my ideas flowing in: art, design, photography, music and writing.