Entry Title: "Floating forest"
Name: Douglas Gimesy , Australia
Category and Expertise: Landscapes, Professional

Entry Description: This is the hull of the SS Ayrfield, an old large steam ship that now sits in Homebush Bay, next to where the Sydney olympics we're held.

Now it's a beautiful and haunting floating forest, and an example of natures capacity for survival and to reclaim what humans have recently adandond. 
I took this in the rain at 5.33 am. It is a HDR of three photos taken sequentially.

About the Artist:

“Wildlife images are one of the most powerful ways we have of engaging people in the natural world” – Sir David Attenborough. Because of this, I share most of my photographs with not-for-profit organisations whose values and goals closely align with mine, such as WWF, Australian Conservation Foundation and National Geographic – organisations who want to inspire people and communities to discover, value and protect the natural world. I initially trained as a zoologist, and then later in bioethics with one of the greats Peter Singer. After many years in healthcare marketing, now in addition to conservation photography, I run a science/environmentally focused communication consultancy called The Framing Effect, whose aim is to help people influence more effectively, both with words and with images. I am also currently a senior critic for the worlds largest curated photo community (1x.com), a governor of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Australia, and part time during semester, I teach Science Communication and Marketing Ethics at the University of Melbourne. You can also find some of my conservation and wildlife photography on Facebook on Instagram. I infrequently post on Pintrest and Twitter, however I am there if interested. My hope is that the images, information and skills I share, will help engage people to care more, and so behave differently, towards the world around them.