Entry Title: "Negative Underground"
Name: Filipe P Neto , Portugal
Category and Expertise: Fine Art, Non-Professional

Entry Description: The head office building in Porto - Portugal's EDP (Energias de Portugal) was built in 2011, with the architectural design of authoring Ginestal Machado and Patricia Lamego. In this new construction, I highlight the surroundings of the Auditorium, located on floor -1. Being an underground area, I made an approach to that space in Black and White, transforming light into shadow and the shadow into light. I set out to highlight the architectural forms.

About the Artist:

I am 49 years old. I was born in Porto, Portugal, on April 17, 1967. I graduated in Electrical Engineering and my profession is related to this area. Photography is a hobby to which I devote myself with passion. My interest in photography came from young. I always considered it as a way to perpetuate a moment, with all the associated emotions and a way to share and spread my way of seeing the world. I do not like being stuck to one style. I try to diversify my work, showing simple compositions that convey aesthetic sense and also harmony. Mail: filipepn@sapo.pt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filipepneto