PhotographerClaudia Cucca
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryArezzo, Italy
Photo DateJanuary 2015
Technical InfoPhotoweaving on fine art print
Entry Description

Legàmi is a photographic project based on relationships: conceptually and physically. Relationships refers how people influences others, changes others people but also growing up and changes themselves living with others. The relation is a weaving between two personality that creates a new one, change themselves but also keep being what they was. In this project , i try to explain what is the most important relationship universally known : relationship between mother and daughter. The results is a new subject that is not only photo, but is sculpture and something you have to touch, look from different point of view. Something that change at the changing of light and position : like relationships do , also the “Legàmi”, change every time you are looking at this .