PhotographerItay Levin
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGivatayim, Israel
Photo Date10 July 2014 - 8 August 2014
Entry Description

Pending soldiers during “Solid Rock” Operation in Gaza, July 2014. The soldiers staying in public institutions such as schools and hotels, that transformed to soldiers housing during the operation. The cyclical and systematic typology of the images demonstrates a lack of change and a fatigue from the situation. There’s a Déjà vu as part of the composition. The soldier lying again on the same mattress – the same mattress he laid on at previous conflicts between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The lying position and the heavy feeling it’s not private, it’s a collective feeling. The soldier is an actor as part of the a political scene, sometimes he is part of the stage, and sometimes not.

About Photographer

For me the camera is a tool to imprint ideas, reviews or manifests; related to personality and inner feelings affected from my daily life. My creative process is not always distinct, sometimes is coincidental and sometimes follows a processes and research. I am seeking for a systematic and mechanical way to transfer a concept, sequence repetition of images emphasize the message and the experience. The camera freezes the inanimate object, emphasize any wrinkle or an aesthetic “mistake”. The inanimate object involve with my feelings, emotions and ideas; not less than a living body. The human body undergoes erosion during his life and in parallel it creates erosion on its individual and global environment. I follow this weathering, over time; trying to use the camera to document this process through materials and objects. As a creator the cybernetic space provides me a wonderful platform not just to address my manifests with foreigners but also to create a discussion between my projects to my self and develop it on the go as part of those relationships. I am not seeking to create a balance in my creations and not to serve the concept of beauty. The camera is like a painting brush, perpetuates fleeting emotions, impulsive or calculated and rational ideas. My desire to achieve perfection of photographic images brings me to examine the location again and again, following my emotions, the right angle and the light. While searching for the exact conditions observing the moment with minimal intervention or editing after shooting. I was born in 1975 in Israel. Graduated with honors visual communication design in Tel Aviv and Social Sciences at the Open University of Israel. Over the years I used to paint, I was influenced from Surrealism, Cubism, Architecture and Industrial music. I always followed the geometrical form and its interaction with the environment. At the last eight years I worked as a user experience designer, visual designer and user research at the mobile technological realm. As part of my current work I am creating visual and interaction designs to meet the needs and habits of my users.