Collective Creativity

PhotographerAndrii Zaika
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine
Entry Description

Each person has unique abilities. One of such skills is the ability to indue the objects surrounding us, certain characteristics that can be perceived only by the person. I named this project "Collective Creativity" My project consists of photos - Artworks that are existing in the real world where we can see a long process of destruction, chaos of front part of walls of buildings and structures (because of shortage of money for painting and reconstruction of these walls). And at the same time in these photos it is possible to see grandiose Artworks in style of abstract art. In this project it is interesting for me the fact of collaboration of functions of the photo (fixation with the camera of really existing objects – the title of each photo contains the accurate location with the indication of the address of the house or construction, where these objects are located, as well as their real sizes) and functions of abstract art (the object – the wall by itself is not important, but the abstract drawing which is located at a certain object is important, looking on it, everyone can see something non-figurative, and create in their imagination absolutely different and own associations). The goal of this project is to find, to point out and to fix by using camera abstractions that are locating on the facade of buildings, structures, that have been appeared throughout a long time under the influence of different facts: - influence of time and weather conditions that has destroyed the facade of buildings; - influence of a people when trying to deal with these destructions; - works of housing and communal services with the help of tools and paint, which have been painted over obscene words written by teenagers; - shadows of nearby objects that complemented the "Art work" by specific patterns. Each of these factors has made a "stroke" in creation of "Art work". My own merit consisted in searching, pointing out these "Art works" from the general chaos, their fixation by camera and presenting these project to the viewer. That's why I named my project "Collective Creativity". Only having pointed out separate elements from the general chaos, having placed photos of these elements in certain conditions, these elements get a new function such as AESTHETIC as one of the functions that characterizes the art. And here are already the parts of chaos, to which no one pays attention or even more wants it to clean or to paint it over by being induced with a new function of the AESTHETICISM. And I want to ask a question: "Can we ALLOW to DESTROY these Art works by using monophonic uniform painting of the building?"

About Photographer

Andrii Zaika was born in Dniprodzerzhyns'k, Ukraine in 1988. In 2010 he graduated V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, got a specialization «Masters of Finance» Now he works at a state enterprise as an economist. Andrii became interested in photography during university years since 2007. During these years he became a finalist in several national photography contest. Had 2 Solo exhibitions and 9 Group exhibitions.