Entry Title: "Invisible City"
Category and Expertise: Abstract|Collage|Buildings|Cityscapes, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Where is the singularity of Tokyo which is suddenly updated as if it breaks off historic context? I started to archive Tokyo to answer this question. Meanwhile I found that Invisible cities appeared as a result of interpenetrating two types of viewpoints. One is the type of general people enjoying the city, the other is that of architects and city planners creating the city. Invisible cities inflate the singularity of themselves by causing distortions in space, time and architecture. I will continue seeking the alternative singularity of Tokyo in them and archiving memory of place which may be lost.

About the Artist:

Born in Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. Graduated from the Department of Architecture of Osaka City University. Photographer/ Qualified architect Japan 《 Awards 》 2015 PX3 2015 COMPETITION : HONORABLE MENTION 2014 ONWARD Compé ‘14 : Finalist Masato Terauchi Special Lecture : Selected Photographer Award 2012 PENTAX RICOH Photo Contest : winning a prize