Go - Went - Gone

PhotographerLorenzo Palombini
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This is a story, a story about the transition; about our passage and how we interact with nature. The years go, the buildings deteriorate but the passage of time is perceived differently by nature. What for us is mutable, for she is not. An unequal relationship, but it maintains always the same wonderful symmetry.

About Photographer

Born in Rome on July 15, 1983. From self discovers this passion. Then he will study at the Roman School of Photography and Officine Fotografiche to improve it's skills. Previously his interests were tied to a different kind, in fact, graduated in Aerospace Engineering in 2010. He focus on conceptual and landscape photography, which develops into a key of surrealism. Through the selection of critics, he exhibited his work in various locations national and international.