Chess Series

PhotographerJan Pusdrowski
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The persistent financial crisis in the Europe - especially in the Euro-Zone – and my recent trip to Frankfurt am Main (which can be regarded as Europe’s financial heart) generated an idea in my mind. Most of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers are built by or owned by banks or other financial institutions. (For instance: The Westend Tower is the headquarters of DZ Bank or the Commerzbank Tower functions as headquarters of the Commerzbank) All these institutions are financial actors within the financial crisis. Some of them received a share in the profits; some of them paid fines; some of them even declared bankruptcy. (To be precise: Most declarations of bankruptcy happened outside of Frankfurt). But the common denominator, or the most important similarity of all actors is that they are intrinsic players of a game we call finance. So as I was going through my images, I thought, if finance was a game, and if this game had certain rules (I have my own concerns at this point) I thought it could be regarded as chess – finance as highly strategic game to manifest certain hegemony.