Players from Nakhichevan

PhotographerGrzegorz Sosinski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGdansk, Poland
Photo Date29/30.12.2013 - 01/02.01.2014
Technical Infodigital recording
Entry Description

Nakhichevan, winter. Minus 210C outside. But, it is not much warmer inside the room provided by local authorities. Nobody takes off their jacket or overcoat, some people even stay in their hats. The place is untidy and Spartan but it is an import_ant place for meetings for elderly men in the city. They have time, because there is no work for them, only the oldest have meagre social allowances. The New Year starts in a few moments, but who cares? What really matters is go out and play narde, draughts or chess, to absorb a bit of positive emotion and to forget about the difficult everyday life outside the window. Everyone can play with every one - occupation, social status, political opinions do not have the meaning. Only the player skills count here. I managed to win draughts game once but I would attribute it rather to the beneficence and hospitality of the local players.